Implosion el nuevo libro de Joel C. Rosenberg

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El experto en el Epicentro del Medio Oriente, Joel C. Rosenberg ahora trae su más reciente libro best seller del New York Times
IMPLOSION es lo que esta por acontecer en Estados Unidos en los próximos meses con una deuda de $50 billones ($50 Trillion).

La respuesta es muy sencilla a todos los problemas de USA: arrepentirse de todos sus pecados y volver al primer amor.

El Señor es lento para la ira y grande en misericordia.


“Reinforced with Joel Rosenberg’s brilliant research, delivered with a prophet’s authority, and wrapped in hope, Implosion will keep you riveted page after page. It is a clarion call to wake-up, America, before it’s too late!” — Anne Graham Lotz, author of Expecting to See Jesus

 UPDATED: I was interviewed by Dennis Miller on his radio show today. It was a good and lively discussion, but as we were talking about Implosion, he scolded me for not getting to the point and asked in a somewhat crude manner if I really believed America had gone too far and was really in danger of collapse, of if I was just trying to sell books. “Have we screwed the pooch?” he asked. Then he was even more pointed and  essentially asked, “Is there any hope?” 
I believe he was sincere in his questions — indeed, I appreciated them — so I answered them in the brief amount of time we had on air. But here is a more detailed response:

Yes, I do believe that something has gone terribly wrong with the American experiment. Our families are imploding. Our national debt is exploding. Experts on the left and the right warn we are on an unsustainable trajectory and urgently need to change course. Yet too many in Washington, academia, the media and even the church are in a “business as usual” mode. As result, millions of America fear the ice is cracking under our feet.
Consider the state of the American family. All around us we can see marriages falling apart. Marital unfaithfulness is rampant. Couples we never thought would get divorced are leaving each other, creating devastatingly painful wounds in them and their children.

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